Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Europe Mislabeled by Americans!

After seeing America mislabeled by Australians and Europeans, let's see whether Americans can do any better labeling a map of Europe. Thanks again to BuzzFeed.

For the full set, see:

I didn't know Middle Earth was a country in Europe, but at least this person knows what matters about Scandinavia.

If we don't know what all the countries are, at least we know why they're important: pot, pierogies, ravioli, fjords, Mr. Darcy, and Dracula.

Europe would be easy to label, if it weren't for all those fake countries.

Four Polands, but at least this person knows where Benedict Cumberbatch lives.

This person obviously played Risk, but still doesn't know where Kamchatka is.

A college education doesn't seem to help.
But at least we know where Borat is from.

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